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Our aim is to provide an affordable design service where we work closely with you to design and create your dream space. 

Whether you would simply like some advice on the planning of your garden or you would like us to take you through the entire design process to create an exciting, functional and unique space, we will have the solutions for you.


Our qualifications and experience enable us to create garden designs of all styles and for all budgets. We design gardens that are highly functional and practical as well as providing that all important wow factor. 


As we offer full garden build and construction services, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to know what will and won't work and to suggest the best materials for the design. 


Once a plan is finalised, we can then provide an accurate quote for us to build the garden should you wish.


Below is the structure of our design process:


Initial Consultation

This informal visit allows us to meet you and see your garden. We can discuss your needs, wishes, ideas and likes/dislikes. Our focus is to build-up an idea of what you would like from your garden and how you would like to use it. We can also show you examples of our work to give ideas and inspiration and explain the fee structure. This initial consultation is free.




Site Survey and Analysis

If you decide to go ahead with the design process, we will then carry out a site survey and analysis. This involves taking photographs and detailed measurements of your house footprint and garden, including the boundaries and any features you wish to remain. Orientation, wind direction and topography are also detailed as they are very important in the design process. At this stage we would recap over the design brief and take copies of any magazine cuttings, mood boards, etc that you may have.




2D Outline Plan Designs

A 2D outline plan of your garden will be drafted. We typically create three different designs to fit the outline plan. They will be fairly basic at this stage, incorporating the main shapes and features. The idea is to find aspects of one or all three designs that you like in order to build-up a final plan. 




Final Plan

After any necessary alterations/amendments and once both parties are happy with the design, a final garden layout plan is drawn-up in 2D to scale. This will include detailed labelling, images and mood boards, and suggested materials. If you wish, we can then provide a detailed quote based on the design for us to complete the 'build' .





If you would like to meet us for a free garden design initial consultation, please feel free to contact us. 




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