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Below are our recent landscape gardening projects completed in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas:

Design & Build - Bournemouth


This project started out about a year ago when we initially met the client to talk through the job and provide a quote. We put forward a design for the garden which was essentially a split-level deck 'tiki' design incorporating a swim spa, gazebos and tropical planting. We shared the same vision and the design was a hit with a few tweaks.

It was a good challenge, with various angles, levels and features to consider and incorporate. We laid sandstone paving at the lower level to provide a walkway around the back of the house which then leads to steps up to mid-level decks at the left and right hand sides - a bbq deck on the left and a bar deck on the right. These decks then lead via more steps up to the main deck which is split into 2 areas with planting - the left side is the swim spa area and the right side is an entertaining area with gazeebo.

A couple more steps then lead to a bbq hut/sauna at the left hand side and a large play area at the back laid to artificial grass with 2 tree houses with rope bridge, swing seat and zip line.

The client was extremely happy with the end result, as were we, and this truly unique garden is guaranteed to provide many years of fun and entertainment.





Design & Build - Bournemouth


This was our 3rd project for this client. We had previously completed fencing and gates, and a paving/pergola area and sleeper beds.

This time we were landscaping around the back of the house as they had just completed some building works.

We wrapped hard landscaping around the entire back of the house with Millboard composite decking out the middle of the back of the house, creating a great sitting/entertaining area, with sandstone paving either side of this wrapping round the house, creating a courtyard area.

As a result, this work brings continuity to the garden and creates practical and beautiful areas in which to relax and entertain.

The project was completed on time and on budget.





"The new paving and decking has transformed the back of the house. We are really pleased with it. This is the 3rd project we have given BH Garden Solutions and would highly recommend them."

Elaine, Bournemouth.





Design & Build - Branksome


The owner of this property had scale plans drawn up for the garden before we came in. Together, we 'tweaked' them slightly to get the best out of the areas/space and embarked on the substantial multi-level build.

There was an existing upper level out the back of the house but it was unsightly and not particularly safe.

We built new decking over the area, cladding the front face with oak and creating new steps down to the lower area. We used Millboard composite decking for low maintenance and longevity. This was complimented with hardwood and wire balustrade to make the area safe but not obstruct the view into the garden.

The lower area was completely stripped back and re-landscaped with various 'zones' or areas in which to relax and/or entertain. We kept the colour palette consistent and fairly restrained with the hard landscaping materials and injected colour with the extensive new planting we implemented.

We also included bespoke built seating, irrigation systems and bespoke, contemporary pergolas.

The project was completed on time and on budget.





Design & Build - Northbourne


The existing garden was very bland and a 'mish-mash' of materials and levels making it hard to use and enjoy.

We came up with a design which incorporated the steps down from the conservatory into a fairly large patio area at the bottom step with a sweeping curve at it's leading edge.

This curve was then continued into the curve of the artificial grass, complemented by a curved bed for a new Acer.

We kept the materials relatively simple so that the garden appeared bigger and the different levels to a minimum for ease of moving around.

To the back of the garage, we built a Bonsai winter display rack as the client had an impressive collection of Bonsai trees.

The result was a very attractive, flowing, low maintenance garden in which to sit, relax and enjoy and display the clients collection of Bonsais.

The project was completed on time and on budget.





Design & Build - Branksome


The young family that live here moved from a rural property with a very large garden to this property with a more 'compact' garden.

The area available certainly wasn't being maximised in terms of space or functionality, as there were various levels with different surfaces which reduced the usable areas. Also, there was a very large garage in the garden which was mainly unused.

Our brief was to maximise the space and create as much large, flat useable turfed area as possible. We achieved this by removing the garage and building a retaining wall at the back to secure the boundary. We then split the garden into 2 levels with the smallest height difference possible by excavating the upper level and building 2 retaining verticle oak sleeper walls. This created 2 large, flat turfed areas.

We installed new closeboard fencing to both side boundaries and fitted horizontal cladding to the back and part-side walls for aesthetics. 

The family now have a good sized garden to play in with the near-future plan of laying a patio at the back of the house once the conservatory has beed removed.   





Re-landscape - Westbourne


This family already had a great plan drawn up for their new garden so it was our job to execute it as well as suggest any slight tweaks and improvements. It was a complete overhaul.

We began by clearing the site and excavating where necessary for paving, pond, etc. We then secured the boundaries by installing new fencing all around to the new levels, and installing horizontal Cedar screening along the back boundary to create an impressive backdrop. We installed a soakaway and associated pipework for the new extension.

Next, we built the steps around the new extension and in front of the french doors of the house with sandstone cobbles as risers. We laid Grey Indian sandstone paving as treads for the steps, to create a large dining area out the back of the house and a smaller area at the back of the garden for lounging/firepit, with paths connecting. 

We built a new wildlife pond to create a focal point at the back of the garden using sandstone walling and successfully transferred the fish from the old pond to the new.

Finally, we laid a new lawn and planted all the beds to create a stunning garden to suit the whole family.





Decking - Bournemouth


We didn't particularly change the layout of this garden, but instead transformed the raised area and the boundaries.

The raised area was very un-useable, falling apart and was unattractive. We built a new sleeper retaining wall across the front and backfilled the 'new' raised level with integrated sleeper steps. 

We then built a solid framework across the top and decked it with Yellow Balau hardwood decking.

We also used this decking to clad the steps and the sleepers at the front, and build a herb planter.

This contemporary look is enhanced with a hardwood and wire balustrade.

We also built a bespoke hardwood prep area for the BBQ.

To complete the look, we installed horizontal screening along all boundaries and made-good the existing artificial grass and sandstone paving.

The result is a very cool entertaining space with a contemporary look to complement the house interior.